Summer Electrical Maintenance

Summer is in full swing which means more barbecues, patio gatherings, and in some cases, hot tub parties. It also means turning on the air conditioning to help you keep cool. Ensure all of your summer activities are good to go with summer electrical maintenance tips from Empower Electric. We’ll help you not only ensure everything is in proper working order for your safety and running efficiently to help keep your electric bills lower. Keep reading to find out more!

Air Conditioners

As the weather turns warm, it’s easy to turn on the air conditioning and cool things down almost instantly. However, air conditioners can be very expensive on your electricity bill. Depending on how hot the inside of your home is, you can often get away with using fans, opening windows, and closing curtains to block out the sun to keep your house at a reasonable temperature for a large part of the summer. Consider installing ceiling fans in bedrooms and main living areas to draw the heat up in summer and as an added bonus, push heat down in the winter. If you do need to turn on your air conditioner, have it serviced to ensure it will work properly and efficiently.

Wiring & Outlets

Be sure to inspect all of your electrical cords and wires for signs of wear or damage. If you can, replace them, if not, call an electrician to help with repairs. It’s also important that you’re using outdoor extension cords as they’re specially designed to withstand exposure to water, heat, and other outdoor elements. Check your cords regularly for damage and don’t forget to unplug them when not in use. Install GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) outlets near water sources or areas where electronics can get wet. They’ll help improve electrical safety by tripping to shut off or disrupt the power supply to a compromised outlet so you won’t get shocked.


An easy way to cut down on the cost of electricity in the summer is to use battery or solar-powered lighting outdoors. During the day your solar-powered lights will be soaking up as much sun as possible alongside you to shine bright at night while you’re enjoying an evening breeze. Achieve ambient lighting and pest control with citronella candles to cast a warm glow whilst also repelling insects. If you want to learn more about energy-saving lighting options, check out our post here.

Hot Tubs & Pools

Ensure that all electrical connections to hot tubs and pools are grounded so you can’t be shocked. You’ll also want to keep everything properly maintained throughout the year and consider having a professional perform an inspection at the start of the season if you haven’t used them in a while. Keep all electrical toys and appliances well away from both hot tubs and pools to avoid any unsafe situations. Read more about preparing your home for a hot tub here

Get Set for Summer with Empower Electric

If you need assistance with your summer electrical maintenance checklist, be sure to contact Empower Electric. Our team of professional electricians will help ensure your home is energy-efficient and ready for summer. From hot tub installations to wiring repairs, we’ll take care of your electrical needs quickly and efficiently. Give us a call or contact us via our website to get started today!

Summer Electrical Maintenance