Lighting 101: All About Different Types of Lights

Now that you’re well aware of the types of energy-saving light bulbs on the market as well as the benefits of LED lighting, let’s talk about the different types of lighting that you would find in your home to shed some light on what type of light is best for the various areas in your home. We’ll also let you know which bulbs are the best for the demands of each area. From your typical incandescent bulb that you’d most commonly find around your home to the long fluorescent tubes more commonly found in office buildings and of course our favourite, LEDs, we’ll teach you what works best, where, including more specific types of lighting. Keep reading to learn more.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is more general lighting; the kind that is bright and lights a room entirely. Typically, ambient lighting comes as a ceiling-mounted fixture, often accompanied by incandescent bulbs or LEDs and, in some cases, fluorescent lighting. You’ll also find ambient lighting in the form of pot lights, track lights, wall-mounted fixtures, and floor lamps. This is general lighting to provide uniform levels of illumination inside and even outside in the form of lanterns, sconces, bollards, and path lights.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is exactly as it sounds, specific lighting for tasks. Whether you’re trying to avoid turning on all the lights in a room, leaving a lamp on in an otherwise dark living room, or need focused lighting for a specific task. Task lighting options include desk and portable lamps, pot lights and directional recessed fixtures, undercabinet lighting, and pendants. Sure, you could probably get by with ambient lighting for the most part, but did you know that turning on a lamp for reading or when working at the computer in a darkened room is much better for your eyes? Undercabinet lighting is great in the kitchen when you’re chopping vegetables or washing up to ensure you can easily focus on the task at hand to avoid accidents and ensure clean dishes.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting focuses on a specific area or item to accentuate or draw attention to it. Wall-mounted fixtures are typically mounted above a painting or sculpture to focus attention on the art while track lighting can be adjusted to provide more light in a variety of areas such as a bookcase or your favourite spot to read. Other options for accent lighting include tape and extrusion lights, pot lights, and directional recessed fixtures.

Decorative Lighting

Decorative lighting is, as the name suggests, a lot more about decorating and making a statement than it is about lighting. With that being said, you’ll want to consider the needs of the space as well as the effect that you’re aiming for before choosing your lighting. For example, a chandelier in a smaller space has a very different effect than it would somewhere larger. Other types of decorative lighting include pendant lighting, wall scones, tables and floor lamps. Ceiling fans with lights are also considered decorative lighting though we’d make the argument for them to be considered functional or multi-use lighting, even ambient lighting when used in a bedroom as both the main light source and an energy-efficient way to keep a room at an optimal temperature.

Let Empower Electric Brighten Things Up

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Lighting 101: All About Different Types of Lights