Residential Electrician Services

Residential Electrician Services Serving Vancouver & Surrey

We offer a variety of residential electrician services in Vancouver and the surrounding area, including lighting maintenance and installation of new fixtures, wiring and wire replacements, outlets, dimmers, panel changes, and general maintenance. We are experienced in installing specialty lighting of all shapes, sizes, and designs. Contact us for all of your residential electrical needs. Some of our services include: 

Pot Light Installation – The Empower Electric Approach

They may be a common fixture but pot lights can be tricky to install and require an experienced electrician to do it properly and safely. We know getting it right and doing it safely is important so we always follow these protocols 

  • Safe Electrical Products: We only use and install the safest electrical products that meet your home building codes.
  • Laser Alignment: We use laser technology to ensure accuracy every time.
  • Industry-Leading Tools: If installation of your pot lights requires opening up areas of your ceiling, we use the best technology to cut, place, and wire your ceiling to ensure the finished product is beautiful.

Perfect lighting for every room, inside and out. 

We offer lighting installation for all types of homes and have installed everything from landscape illumination and pool lighting to countless kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living room lighting systems. We also offer energy-saving lighting solutions such as dimmers, energy-saving fixtures, and more. We are experts at installing specialty lighting including outdoor lighting, corrective wiring, and accent lighting. 

Electrical Panel Changes and Upgrades

It’s important to make sure your home’s electrical panels are up to date and code standard. We can help you determine whether your home is in need of a panel change and get the best possible solution for your home’s safety and your electrical bills. Many older homes have outdated electrical systems which are not able to keep up with today’s technology and the energy our new gadgets require. To prevent overloading of your electrical systems, power failures or surges, it is important to keep your electrical panel up to date. Signs that you need an upgrade include: frequently blown fuses, flickering lights, appliances turning off when you turn on another, and circuit breakers that cause shocks, overheating or fires. If you notice one or more of these issues it may be a symptom of a failing panel and you may need an upgrade. Empower Electric can upgrade your panels from:

  • 60amp to 100amp
  • 100amp to 200amp
  • 200amp to 400amp

Knob-and-Tube Removal

Some older homes rely on a knob-and-tube electrical system. We can rewire an unsafe knob-and-tube system. Because these old systems are unsafe and prone to failure, we can replace your system safely to prevent problems and safety hazards. We re-wire old wiring with new updated wires and offer complete system upgrades such as panel upgrades and full-home rewiring.

Aluminum Rewiring + Repairs

Another challenge with older homes is that they may have aluminum wiring installed. Aluminum wiring is an outdated method and can cause electrical problems due to the softness, malleability, and expansion of the metal. Wires can become oxidized and prevent proper conduction resulting in safety hazards. Empower Electric can rewire your home with modern equivalents or bridge a new copper pigtail wire between the existing aluminum wire and your electrical devices. 

Backup Generator Installation

Power outages are inconvenient at any time, especially when it’s cold outside and you have things to do! Having a backup generator in your home is a great way to reduce one of life’s inconveniences and get back to business as usual as quickly as possible. Empower Electric offers and installs a variety of backup generators to give you the added security of reliable power in your home or business.

EV Charging Stations

We install and repair all major brands, makes, and models of electric and hybrid vehicles chargers. We would be happy to check your home’s electric panels before installation and give you a quote on what this installation would cost. Our EV charging station installations are done properly and safely. We also provide solutions to accommodate EV charger installations when your home lacks the necessary available power requirements to keep you code compliant.

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