LED Lighting – Time to make the switch?

You have many choices when it comes to lighting from LED, fluorescent or incandescent lighting. While all three will light up a room, they’re not all quite the same and definitely are not all equal when it comes to benefits. We recommend LED lighting as it offers more benefits than than the other options do. 

Here are a few of the reasons we think you should make the switch: 

More Efficient

Over 70% of LED energy can be converted to light, much more than any other lighting option. Why LED is making light, other options are wasting energy making heat too. 

Longer Lasting

 LED lighting will outlive other options by thousands of hours. It has a much longer life expectancy than any other lighting. 

The Colour Lasts

The colour of the LED lights won’t fade, as other lighting options will over time. It will remain consistent for its entire lifespan.

Low Heat

This is a major benefit when it comes to both safety and efficiency. 

They’re Brighter

LED lights emit much brighter lights. In fact, because they can be so bright, we no longer use wattage to measure brightness and instead use lumens. 

Making the Switch

At Empower Electric Inc., we care about your business and that means helping you lower costs and increase profitability. We can switch commercial buildings over to LED lighting so you can reap the benefits of the changeover. Just switching one fixture to LED can help you save; can you imagine the savings of your entire business? You’ll also pay less for repairs, maintenance or replacements of your systems. 

Please reach out to us if you’d like to learn more and we’ll happily walk you through our process and help you make better lighting decisions that will prove to be a good investment for your business.

For a full lighting comparison fact sheet, check out this link from BC HYDRO